Puerto Rico, has declared bankruptcy.


No, not like that, real bankruptcy and as we all struggle to deal with this, and the lack of jobs my friend Neysha decided to create Boricuas Connect. This is a portal to help Puerto Ricans around the world help each other find work and for businesses to grow.

She has assembled a team to help launch Boricuas Connect and create a social media presence on Facebook and Twitter. The website features news and groups for help depending on where you are and what industry you are looking for work in, in addition to events, business directory and a job board.

Today, Neysha shared an article, both in English and Spanish written by me, Maria Sanfeliú a.k.a. Unstoppable Maria.

Entrepreneurs Create New Opportunities in Puerto Rico | Emprendedores Crean Nuevas Oportunidades en Puerto Rico 

*You can find all articles written in English and Spanish.

Check us out at boricuasconnect.com.



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