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My name is María Cristina Sanfeliú Cruz and I am freelance writer, translator, and editor. I can write in English and Spanish and translate from English to Spanish and vice versa.

Here you can find my writing portfolio. Here you will see my biography where you can learn a little about me and who I am, my resume, some examples of my blog posts, articles I have written in Spanish and my translating skills.

Contact: unstoppablemaria.pr@gmail.com or mcsanfeliu@gmail.com





Freelance Writer

Unstoppable Maria would like to offer translation, editing  and other freelance writing services in English or Spanish, or both. I am able to translate from English to Spanish or vice versa. I believe that my experience in writing, social media, education in Writing and Rhetoric, and growing up and living in Puerto Rico, speaking both English and Spanish all my life, makes me prepared to take on this job.

This would also help me gain more experience in the fields of communications, writing and consumer experience. These tasks encompass many of the things I am passionate about.


I look forward to hearing from you and being able to help with your writing needs.


María Cristina Sanfeliú a.k.a Unstoppable Maria



The fee for translation and editing services is $0.25 per word. The word count will be per word on the original document, if the word count is more or less on the translated document it will not affect the price.

Half the payment is required before the document is edited or translated, the other half will be payed when it is finished and returned to you.

Payments will be made through PayPal, which will be available soon.


  • When requesting the translation or editing please give as many details about the document as possible and by what time and date the document will be needed.
  • Try not to ask for same day or other rushed work.
  • This service is not intended to do homework for anyone, in high school or college.
  • I would be happy to answer any questions sent directly through this blog or unstoppablemaria.pr@gmail.com.
  • Documents can be sent to this email too.

Let me know what you need and how I can help.

Blog Posts


Embrace smart watch: seizure tracking and epilepsy management

There’s a new smartwatch on the market called Embrace smart watch. The thing that makes this watch different from other smart watches and caught my attention is that it tracks seizures.


Team Puerto Rico

When the National Puerto Rican baseball team came home, after an undefeated and second place prize in the World Baseball Classic, I got the chance to see the players only feet away from me.


My epilepsy hero

This is one of the many blog posts about epilepsy I have written after being diagnosed. I want to provide as many people as I can with all the information I can find about epilepsy.


Hello and Welcome to my Online Writing Portfolio

I’m a writer with many different interests, a lot of creativity, imagination and desire to communicate my ideas.

I graduated from Syracuse University with a major in Writing and Rhetoric, and minors in Psychology and Spanish, in May 2012.

Since my graduation I have worked different jobs including clerical office work, summer camp counselor, Public Relations assistant, customer service, cashier, and shadow teacher. Through these jobs and my college career I have gained experience in the fields of communications, writing advertising, and consumer experience. I have learned to express my ideas and help people, which are some of the things I am most passionate about.

I am hard working, determined, organized and always willing to learn. I am bilingual with the ability to understand, write and speak fluent English and Spanish. My skills in Microsoft Office programs, provide me with the capability to work with different types of document formats. Additionally, I am able to work with Mac and some video and photo editing programs.

Last year I began writing a blog Unstoppable Maria sharing all that has happened to me since 2012. This is the year I was in an accident where I was run over by a taxi as I crossed the street at Syracuse University a week before my college graduation. During the next year, I underwent three surgeries as both sides of my cranium were removed and then replaced. As a result of this accident, I suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury and I now have epilepsy. For over two years I have gone through intensive physical, speech and emotional therapy to overcome all the injuries that this accident has caused.

This blog has become more than just sharing my journey during these last few years, but showing how I’ve been able to overcome each and every one these obstacles. I have inspired and brought hope to my followers, readers and myself, showing everyone that I am still able to write and communicate with an audience. I have been able to reach a larger audience  audience by adding Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, and Pinterest to my social media menu.

I am confident that I can be an asset to your writing needs as I am passionate about my work and I am always ready to learn.

Artículos en Español

Solapreneurs Magazine

Tengo dos artículos en Solapreneurs Magazine by Virginia Rivera. El primero es El día que mi vida cambió y el segundo es la entrevista a Zuleyma y Daniela en Solapreneurs que emprenden en familia.


Restaurantes for Valentine’s

Este artículo, para la revista FeedMe, es una lista con mis recomendaciones de los mejores restaurantes para ir en el día de San Valentin.

This is a list I made for the online magazine, FeedMe, of restaurant recommendations for Valentine’s dates.


Vamos a buscar grama para los camellos

En esta artículo, publicado en FeedMe, cuento la historia graciosa de mi miedo a los camellos de los Tres Reyes Magos en Navidad.

In this article, also published by FeedMe, I write the funny story of my fear of the Three Wise Men’s camels during the Christmas holiday.