Postgraduate first day

Today, August 23 2016, our Olympic athletes were being welcomed home with a big caravan, people were everywhere on the streets following them, waiting for them to pass in the street and for them to get to the coliseum. It was a lot of fun to watch them pass from my apartment, it wasn’t so much fun getting stuck in traffic on my way to class. Tonight was the first day of class for my postgraduate class in digital journalism. Continue reading “Postgraduate first day”

Culson, you are a champion

As we all know and have been able to witness this summer, every four years, countries from all over the world send their best athletes to compete and represent them in the Olympic games. Athletes give it all they have in them to make their people proud. They spend four years, day in and day out preparing for this moment, for their moment of glory, but for some of them this moment is cut short. Continue reading “Culson, you are a champion”