#apagon2016 Day 2

This is my second draft; the first one got lost because I wasn’t online when I wrote it. I thought that even if I wasn’t using Wifi it would save if I hit the save option but I guess the app can’t hear me without Wifi, so here I go again.

It’s day 2 of what we are calling #apagon2016; it’s so big it got a hashtag just a few hours after it started. As I said yesterday, this blackout hit the entire island and the two separate island municipalities. Everything was shut down after a fire. Some of the areas that were fixed are in the municipalities of Jayuya, Utuado, Arecibo, Mayaguez, Ciales, Corozal, Morovis, Hatillo, Florida, Culebra, Barceloneta, Camuy, Humacao, Santa Isabel, Coamo, Ponce and Juana Diaz.

At first we all thought it would be a few hours until we got power back, then the governor said some parts would be getting power back about four to six hours after the power outage. By 9 we still had nothing so I tried to sleep hoping sometime in the middle of the night we would get it all back. When I woke up in the morning I could still hear the generators on the other buildings.

I heard the power had come back to some towns but later I learned that it was just some parts of a few towns. The power was also coming and going in some places and some people don’t even have running water.

We have to go out to eat so my parents got breakfast from a Burger King nearby. I did not like this idea because I have not eaten from Burger King in over four years, It grosses me out just thinking about it and wasn’t planning on eating there again; but desperate times call for desperate measures. Later, I read for a little while, did my nails and then my brother came by with Robin and Lego. We found a Chili’s with power, which was full, but we had a very nice lunch.

Tonight we went to CVS after dinner just to kill some time before coming to a dark apartment to go to sleep. I just hope it all gets fixed soon, I don’t like it being so dark.

My new Fitbit is here!

At the end of August my Fitbit Charge began to break, I had only had it for about seven months and the wrist band started peeling out, then the button on the right and the piece that held it fell out too. I hadn’t done anything except wear it everyday. I didn’t know if I had any warranty but it was less that a year old so I figured somebody would help me.  Continue reading “My new Fitbit is here!”