I cannot believe that just 70 years ago today a nuclear bomb was dropped in Hiroshima, Japan. I have heard the story from family, movies, and class, that a nuclear bomb was dropped in Hiroshima. I don’t think I have ever read an article about it. I have never read exactly as it happened, and real narratives from survivors, with narratives from the second nuclear bomb; which was dropped three days later in Nagasaki, Japan.

Hiroshima, 70 years later

Again, I knew about all of this, but I had never read it like this. It was so detailed, hour-by-hour, and real, with descriptions from survivors. I wasn’t even alive yet, but I felt like it happened today, like it happened yesterday or earlier today.

I just can’t believe that anyone would even think of this or send someone to do this. It sounds like something that the bad guy in a movie would do; but no, a real person did this. A real person sent other people to drop two nuclear bombs on two cities. I never understood this, but reading what real survivors of this atrocious attack said, was something different. It made it real, and it makes writing about it difficult because I can’t even put into words how horrified I was as I read it. I had to read slowly and re –read some parts to make sure I read right, and take long pauses to make it all sink in.

It was a horrible moment in the last century, and even though it made me sick to read this and see the pictures, I think it’s important that we all learn from this. We should learn from our mistakes; from Pearl Harbor, The Holocaust, D-day, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Iraq, I.S.I.S., Syria, and civil wars all around the world. When will we learn and put an end to this?


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