When I was younger, like high school or maybe even younger, I had a huge collection of Archie comics. Every time I found a new issue I had to have it and read it from front to back, sometimes reading them again when I couldn't find a new one. I remember I had a box … Continue reading Riverdale


Unstoppable Maria survey

In order to make Unstoppable Maria better and help it grow, I want to hear your opinion. Please help me make Unstoppable Maria better by taking this survey and telling me how you feel about this blog. Don't be afraid, I just want to hear what you all have to say to make it better … Continue reading Unstoppable Maria survey

My new Fitbit is here!

At the end of August my Fitbit Charge began to break, I had only had it for about seven months and the wrist band started peeling out, then the button on the right and the piece that held it fell out too. I hadn't done anything except wear it everyday. I didn't know if I … Continue reading My new Fitbit is here!

The storm is coming

This morning I read on Twitter some news about a tropical storm headed for Puerto Rico, which was scary; but looking on the bright side, it's not a hurricane. It's still scary, we don't know what's gonna happen tomorrow, I don't know if I'm going to have to go to work, my parents don't know … Continue reading The storm is coming

Good times with the cousins

I am now enjoying spending some time with my three youngest cousins. I had missed them and missed watching them grow up to be teenagers, but I have to say I'm very glad they have not turned into annoying teenagers. I did kind of return to my younger self fighting over the floating devices at … Continue reading Good times with the cousins

Superheroes get hurt, just like you and me

Today we tried to see Captain America: Civil War for the second time, but tonight we got in to see the movie. I found this movie, as well as the other Marvel movies I have seen, very entertaining. I don't know that much of the superheroes' history, as my brother does, but I can still … Continue reading Superheroes get hurt, just like you and me

Loan forgiveness for permanently disabled people

President Obama has a new plan that I think should have been passed a long time ago I have heard about this before but it didn't sound like a real thing, and now it does. This law would mean that "anyone with a severe disability is eligible to have the government discharge their federal student … Continue reading Loan forgiveness for permanently disabled people