After I woke up from that accident, I lost a lot of weight because I wasn’t eating.  I couldn’t eat; I was in a coma.  When I woke up, I still couldn’t eat because I couldn’t really swallow the food.

During the coma and a little bit afterwards I had tubes feeding me.  I still have a scar in my stomach from where I was fed.  After that was taken out and I could eat food, it was really difficult chewing and swallowing.  I started drinking nutritional shakes, which I was kinda getting addicted to, but once I started eating more I stopped drinking them

It took me a really long time to start eating solid food.  It was hard, I couldn’t eat anything because it was just too difficult for me.

Finally, in September 2012, I started eating a little bit more; but I still didn’t feel hungry.  I was not hungry because my body got used to not eating too much.  Then one day,

It was such a great moment for me; I had to share it on Facebook.  That is when I started to gain back all the weight I had lost.  I should always remember that time when I lost too much weight and when I couldn’t eat, every time a start feeling I gained a little weight.

I cannot complain about being able to eat.  Not eating is no fun.  I missed chocolate, hamburgers, rice, chicken; pretty much everything.


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