An Open Letter to My Friends Who Support Donald Trump

I have not wanted to touch this subject because I don’t want my blog to be about this, this is not a subject a like getting into, but I just read this blog post on The Huffington Post’s The Blog. This caught my attention because the author told it like it is. He said what we are, or at least I am thinking, and opened my eyes to new things I didn’t know, which I didn’t like.

I do not want my blog to be judged on my political views, I don’t really like talking about politics, but I think this has gone beyond politics. This not about parties anymore, this is about basic human rights, respect, and knowledge.

Again, I’m stepping out of what I usually talk about on this blog, or what it is about, but I cannot just be quiet. This caught my attention, and I hope it catches your’s too, so I want to share this letter with my friends too.



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