This morning, my parents and I drove to one of the many beautiful beaches here in Puerto Rico, and when we got there I was not happy. I was not happy because it was crowded and the only spot we found was close to a group of girls who were being really loud.

As the day went on, it kept getting more crowded, but I stopped noticing the other people. I got so used to all the talking and all the noise, I stopped hearing those girls, their voices just turned into background noise and it didn’t bother me anymore. I ended up having a great time, swimming and playing dominos. FYI: I won like four games!

After we left, I kept thinking back to the beginning of the day and my bratty attitude when I got to the beach. Why did it bother me so much? I was supposed to have fun and enjoy my day, and I did, but I shouldn’t have started it that way, with an attitude. I shouldn’t have been bothered by them having a good time, especially not on such a beautiful day at the beach. I mean, look at this:

playa santa

How can you be in a bad mood there?





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