Happy to say I signed up for the Walgreens 5K this Sunday. After working on getting the word out about it, I feel like I owe it to myself, to my boss, and to Walgreens, to join in all the fun and run/walk. 

I hope that I can do better than I did on the last 5K I went to. I will try not to fall this time, I don’t want another scar; my plan for this is to just look where I’m going.

Also, this afternoon I read the sad news about the passing of Prince. It was a surprise to read this because he wasn’t sick, he was still out there making music.

I have been thinking about this in two ways; one is that he lived a good life and he did not have to spend his last moments here on earth suffering. This brings me some confort because he didn’t have to live those last moments in pain and sadness. In the other hand, it was not his time yet. He still had a lot to share with the world. He was still performing, still making music and doing what he loved.

He influenced so many artists, I think the music industry would have been very different today without him.


R.I.P. Prince



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