I don’t have a working computer since Friday, I have survived thanks to my cellphone and tablet, but it’s still hard not having a computer now a days; especially when you have a blog and a new job. I can still write and post from my tablet and phone, but it’s not the same. At work today, I didn’t finish what I was working on and couldn’t bring it home because I had to work from my boss’s computer. My boss has my assignment halfway done, or maybe not even halfway; that doesn’t look good for me.

But it does make me feel pretty good that finally, my biggest problem is a material thing, my laptop. I don’t have to worry and complain about the health insurance, I have a job, and I’m still seizure free. Everything is looking pretty good, aside from Puerto Rico being in debt, and a few terrifying candidates for the elections later this year, and there is still time for things to change there. But all I can do there is vote. Well, first I need to get my election card; but after I get it all I can do is vote.

The things that are in my power to fix, are all ok, except for my computer, but I’ll fix that soon. That is definitely not a problem, just annoying.


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