I resolved my computer issues today. I went to the store with the intention of looking at computers, looking for the one that best fit my interests, needs, and what I could or was willing to pay. I was scared I wouldn’t find anything today, especially since I couldn’t spend all day doing this, as I had planned, but I visited the first store and there it was. I compared it with the others, and I went to another store, but the one I liked was on sale at the first store. I could also afford it, so I got it.

But before I was able to go get my life back on order, I went to see my psychiatrist. He gave me  a very detailed justification for me taking Ritalin to convince the health insurance that I need it. While my mom and I were there, they talked about my improvement through the past three years, and how we will be able to see this in these tests, which hopefully I wont have to take again. They also talked about how me taking them and later writing about my experience working with them will help future patients.

This last part, about helping other patients is the best part. I joke that I’m a guinea pig, but if I’m helping other patients, I don’t mind. I hope these tests show good results and improvement that can help them prove that their psychotherapy works and TBI patients can improve.

We can and I am living proof of that.

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