I did not have Microsoft Word in my new computer, but I thought I could survive with OneDrive; that was until today. I tried to create a document for my job, but my computer just opened it in Pages, and my boss couldn’t do anything when I sent it to her. After this, I felt forced to download the trial version of Microsoft Office.

I didn’t want to do this because after a month I will have to pay for it, but I can’t go on without Word, it’s just not an option.  Apart from having issues with not having apps like Microsoft Word for a few days, I’m loving this small, and not heavy at all computer. I thought this would be very difficult for me to get used to. I do have a little bit of trouble getting used to changes now, but that’s the same reason I wanted a computer similar to my previous one.

But I am impressed with myself for being able to get used to this change, even if it is something so small, and being open to new things, such as choosing a pink computer case. I was surprised too but there was no green.

All of this may seem stupid or very silly to write about, but it is a very big change and improvement for me, and I hope that this will help me keep improving at my job.


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