I was at the mall today, just walking around with my parents and thank God I wasn’t alone because a man came up to the woman walking right in front of me and tried to grab her purse. When this happened I just froze and let out a little scream. A woman getting robbed right in front of me, in a mall full of people? This had never happened to me before. Was he going to try to rob me to? Did he have a weapon? Was he alone? Is anyone else watching?


But this wasn’t a robbery like I thought, the guy knew the lady, he didn’t take her purse, it was supposed to be a joke.

Now, I don’t really get all jokes after my accident, but I know that this was not a funny joke. You don’t do that. I got scared, my parents got scared, they said a woman near us got scared. That is not funny! If I was wearing sneakers I would have started running away. This wasn’t a little or teenage boy, this was a full grown man, like in this forties of fifties, he should know better, and this woman was older than him; he didn’t show her any respect.

Here’s a little advice to men, you never pull a woman’s purse, to me that’s like you’re physically attacking us. Our purses are part of us. And jokes like this one are not funny, I am still not laughing, it took me a while to recover from this scary moment. This is just disrespectful and just scary. Not just for the person you are trying to be funny with but to people around you, like me. everyone doesn’t get this joke or even know that you two are friends or family. And even if he didn’t know or understand this concept of showing respect for a woman’s purse, stealing from someone is not funny. You can tap on someone’s shoulder and hide so they don’t know who it was, but you don’t pretend to steal from them.

And I’m not just saying this to men, I’m saying this to everyone, stealing is not a joke. Don’t try this, it just scares everyone around you.



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