Yesterday day was my third and final day of therapy for my arm and it feels like a new arm. I really can’t believe it; I thought this was going to ruin my vacation but it won’t! It didn’t hurt while I rolled my suitcase to the car, pulled it out of the baggage claim or brought it into the house. 

I’m so happy to be here with my family and not have to worry about that; I can just enjoy my weekend here. I can worry about the cold because it is colder than Puerto Rico, but I’m hoping it doesn’t get too cold, I don’t think my jackets can handle too cold. But it is nice to get away for a few days and enjoy some colder weather for a few days, I just have to stay on top of my homework and not ignore it. I don’t want this little getaway to make me fall behind on my class work.

It is a little weird being in the same room I spent about two months, maybe more, during my recovery. What I think is even weirder about that is that I remember it, when we were almost here, I recognized the place around here and I knew we were close. It’s all just like I remember it, but the good thing is there are no bad or negative feelings. I thought maybe it would be hard being in a place I spent a very difficult time in, but I don’t feel bad, I feel good that I’m back here in better shape than last time I was here.

It feels good and now I will make better memories of this place.


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