Yesterday the pain was too much. My parents got me Bengay Pain Relieving Patch from the pharmacy and that helped ease the pain while I wore it, but when I took it off, the pain returned. 


I couldn’t sleep last night, I didn’t know if it was my shoulder or if it was too early, but I had to be up early this morning to go to the hospital and get an X-Ray on my arm. We went to the hospital early in the morning, got my X-Rays and quickly went home with three images. The images showed my arm looking normal or as normal as it can look with a metal on the bone. To my peace of mind, the metal plate was all in it’s place and looks just like it does on the X-Ray from 2013. So it wasn’t that, like I was afraid it would be, it wasn’t my bones or a ligament or anything; it looked like I was fine. What was it?   

We went to see my water therapist, Debbie; she always knows how to deal with this sort of thing, and she did. Less than five minutes after seeing me, looking at my arm, and seeing what hurt, she solved it. It’s not my shoulder or elbow, it’s not even my arm, it’s my neck, but I feel it in my arm. Either I pulled a muscle at the gym or been sitting in my bed with my computer with in some uncomfortable way (like I was right now) twisted my neck in some way and caused this.

I made appointments for today and the next two days for therapies at Float, to take care of this. After my first one today I feel like another person; it still hurts sometimes but not so bad and not all the time. Debbie is a miracle worker!




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