My group for the final project and I have been able to start communicating, and have been able to start working as a group since I was clear when I told them I didn’t like that they were making decisions without me. Today we worked on our first interview, which went great; we got a participant who answered the questions better than any of us would have thought and even offered some sources for us to use in the project. One interview down, two to go!

The next interview is scheduled for Friday, and then we just have one to go which we haven’t been able to set a time for. But now were in a hurry because we just found out the project is due next Tuesday and we’re kind off in a hurry, we all thought we had more time to finish.

Between now and Friday I will be looking examples of projects like this one to help us a little bit. There is also a lot of research to be done and we need to go to the places mentioned by our participants in the interviews and get some video of these locations.

It’s a lot of work but I think we can do it. Today we were able to get our interview done in an hour, so I’m hoping the other two go as smoothly as this one. Then we just have four days to finish putting this thing together, but I’m sure we can do it.


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