More news

I was so happy about my new puppies yesterday that I forgot to mention something else. At about 3 p.m I got the news that the final grade for the class I just took was posted. I had almost forgotten that I was waiting for that, but one of my fellow group members sent us … Continue reading More news


Almost done

We're almost done with the multimedia story. It took us more than 3 and a half, almost four hours today, and were not done yet. I don't know how long it will take tomorrow but I think the most difficult parts are done. I don't really know because I still haven't been able to do … Continue reading Almost done

Putting together a multimedia story

Today I spent a little more than 3 hour working and freezing in a very crowded Starbucks. It looked more like a school library or study room than a coffee shop. Every group had at least one computer for the whole group, at most one per person, like us. When my whole group was there, all … Continue reading Putting together a multimedia story

1 interview down

My group for the final project and I have been able to start communicating, and have been able to start working as a group since I was clear when I told them I didn't like that they were making decisions without me. Today we worked on our first interview, which went great; we got a … Continue reading 1 interview down

November 8, 2016

First I will say that as of yesterday I am I year and 7 months seizure free! Five months to go! There were other, more important things going on. Because of these, I did not get to celebrate this time, but it's ok. I'm still recovering from what happened yesterday. I woke up at 7:30 … Continue reading November 8, 2016

Paseo de Puerta de Tierra (Puerta de Tierra Promenade)

This morning we went for a walk on the new promenade outside old San Juan (Paseo de Puerta de Tierra) I could do the assignment I found out about on Friday. All I have seen in this area for the last two years in construction, but I hadn't seen it now that it's done. I … Continue reading Paseo de Puerta de Tierra (Puerta de Tierra Promenade)

I requested and was promised accommodations, why can’t I get them?

I have been doing my best to keep up with the class I'm taking, and I think it's going pretty well, except for when the professor starts throwing homework assignments  at the end of class. It's one, then quickly comes the other one and another one. By the time she's done I missed one or two, … Continue reading I requested and was promised accommodations, why can’t I get them?

The student life

So this is the life of a student? You spend most of the weekend doing homework? I have three projects due on Tuesday, we have been working on two of them for the last few weeks, only one of them is new, but it has taken me most of last week and most of this … Continue reading The student life


Well check out what I found today: I knew this already, but seeing my reaction feels just like it felt seeing my reaction when I was accepted. Why did this have to happen? Why did I have to leave all this behind? Why? I have gone on to embrace my life as it is right … Continue reading Why?

OMG! That was stressful

OMG! I just took an online exam. First exam I take in over three years. I was terrified when I read the questions but I found a way to answer it. I didn't start at the beginning. I read the questions and when I saw a question I immediately knew I could answer, I answered … Continue reading OMG! That was stressful

Get up and try again

I am Unstoppable Maria, I don't quit when I fail, when I fall or when something gets difficult.  I just keep trying. Never give up, just go for what you want.  Get up when you fall.  Don't cry about what you could have done, think about what you can do. (I'm cheering for myself, I … Continue reading Get up and try again

When I realized I was accepted

 It's old news, but I get so happy every time I see it. This was when I realized, after the accident, that I had been accepted at Newhouse to do my masters in journalism.  I had gotten the letter of acceptance before the accident, but I didn't remember.  I still don't remember getting it, my … Continue reading When I realized I was accepted