Go to Unstoppable Maria- YouTube to see the new video of my puppies having fun running around free in my room before we gave them a bath.

Why they’re napping now

This was the first time I gave my puppies’ a bath, when we got them we cleaned them with one of those dry shampoos, but it was about time we gave them a real bath. First we let them loose in my room where they had fun exploring under the bed, wrestling, smelling and biting my shoes, and seeing me running around the room to keep them from biting stuff or breaking anything. I thought I prepared the room for them to come in, but I guess not. They found ways to get into places I never thought the would even notice.

After they ran around, played and explored my room, we gave each one of them a bath in the bath room sink; they’re still so small they can fit in there. I think it was their first bath with water so they cried because they didn’t know what was going on. Sandy was also tired, she almost fell asleep in my arms while we waited for her turn so I din’t think she liked getting water poured on her when she was ready for a nap.

When it was her turn, I got nervous, I was going to give her the bath. I vaguely remember when my two dogs when I was younger got a bath ,but that was out in the back yard with a hose. That’s all I remember , I don’t really know how much I helped or if I was involved at all.

I told Jose to stay right next to me so he could coach me, tell me what to do and tell me if I was doing anything wrong. I used a cup to pour water over Sandy, we put soap on her back, then I rinsed it, and we poured more water to get the soap out. We did it pretty quickly but she cried the whole time, she didn’t know what was going on, what we were doing to her or why. When I was done, I covered her in a towel to dry her and put her back in her playpen . She quickly laid down and fell asleep, her sister, Indy, followed.

They both slept for over an hour. Now they’re up again but I’m sure they’ll go down again soon enough, they love to sleep.

I’m happy because they smell a lot better now and I learned how to give her a bath. I think I’m ready to do that again, Jose is a good teacher, but I don’t know if she’ll be too happy about that.


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