Well, first of all I want to wish my older brother a very happy birthday. (You still haven’t said anything about your gift. I’m waiting. Did you like it???)


I should also mention that January 3 was also my late great grandfather’s birthday, who would have been 110 years old today. I wish I could wish him a happy birthday too but I think not forgetting that it was his birthday too and my grandma still remembering what he said when his first grandson was born is good to keep him alive in our hearts.

Anyway, today I went to see the movie Jackie, which caught me by surprise. I thought it would be about the life of Jacqueline Kennedy, her life before she was a Kennedy and her years as First Lady. It turns our I had the wrong idea, the movie was the tragic story of her husband’s death and a few days after this. I thought we were going to see her life, but this wasn’t it; we saw her grieving after her husband died in her arms. It was hard seeing her crying, seeing her body full of her dead husband’s blood, having to tell her very young children their father was dead, and having the world looking at her as she said goodbye to her husband.

It wasn’t so sentimental for me because I know the story but I didn’t lived through that but it was hard hearing my grandmother crying next to me. She remembers when this happened because she lived through Kennedy’s presidency and the Cuban Missile Crisis. At the time she and my grandpa had a one year old daughter and a newborn. When this happened, my grandfather, who was in the army at the time of the Missile Crisis. I can’t imagine what memories the movie brought back, the fear of losing your husband, your babies’ father and hoping he would come back.

Even though she cried, the movie wasn’t that good in her opinion, or mine. I thought we were going to see more of the real Jackie, not just the widow. I know there was more to her before and after being a widow. I also thought her accent was a little too forcedp; at first I thought it was a British accent but she wasn’t British.

But that’s just my own , personal opinion; the opinion of someone who has only heard stories of people who lived through this and learned about it in school. 


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