It had been a while since Robin and Lego stayed over in our house and I was nervous because I didn’t know how we would be able to handle four dogs in the apartment but they spent the night last night and everybody survived.

I survived but I feel as if I ran 5 miles today because we took all four dogs to my grandparents’ house to run around in their backyard and they made me run too. They can fit through the fence, especially the puppies, so every time they went near the fence or just ran in that direction I ran behind them to stop them.

 For them, me running behind them was a game, so they kept hiding and running around making it difficult for me to get to them. All that running plus the stress of any of them getting out drained me. They all had a great time and didn’t get covered in mud like last time they were at Titi Margo’s house, but they took out any energy that was left in me. And when we got in the car, they slept the whole ride home, but I couldn’t sleep then.

Those dogs never stop surprising me, today they managed to get abuela to say they are welcome in her backyard anytime, not inside the house but the backyard. That’s their favorite place in her house! ¡Gracias!

Today we really saw how much Robin and Lego have changed. You can tell that they’re not puppies anymore because they have really matured. Robin is not as crazy as he used to be, the dogs now are Sandy and Indy. Sadly as they mature they will start losing some of that energy, but they will still be those fun and loving babies. I saw that in Robin because when he wanted my attention in the car he just stood right in front of me with his two front paws in the corner of the seat, just staring at me and kind of nudging me to pick him up. I really couldn’t say no, I’m just not the kind of person who would deny  a dog nicely asking me so sit with me.

I hope I can get my dogs to be as educated as Robin and Lego have come to be; we thought they were crazy and there was nothing we could do about that, but what we saw this weekend was two new dogs. We need to do a lot more work in getting my dogs to act like that, but it’s posible, I think.


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