A day at the dog park

When I was growing up we used to go to this park where we could run around all day, there were swings, a lot of trees, grass to run around in and get covered in dirt and anything else we could find. I remember going there a lot when I was in elementary school for birthdays or just randomly go and spend the day there with friends, but as we grew up we stopped going.

Now the mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulín Cruz, fixed it up and even added a dog park but it was always too crowded when we tried to go with Robin and Lego, before we had Indi and Sandy. Today we decided to be brave and try again, with all four dogs. Trying again wasn’t the brave part, it was going with four dogs, in one car. I don’t know what I was thinking when I decided to wear shorts but I can just say my legs look like I went to war, except I didn’t go to war, I was just in a car with four young dogs.


But getting back to the story, the park has been re-done, cleaned up and up-dated. I felt like this was a completely new park, it was so nice and clean. There were bike trails, a lot of climbing space for kids and a big fountain like area for kids to play with water. These were also the attractions we were looking for, the dog parks, with bags and trash cans to clean up and throw away the dogs’ waste. There is no reason for anyone to not clean up after their dog.

There are two fenced areas for the dogs and they are also allowed to play around the park. First we went in to the big dog area, a big fenced space for dogs to run around; there were small hills, a big tree with a lot of shade, places to sit, the whole area was grass. It was beautiful but we really couldn’t let our dogs run around freely over there because there was a big dog and we really didn’t want them messing with other dogs; they get other dogs nervous.


After spending a little while there we moved on to the park for small dogs which was empty so we let them loose to run around and be free. Once they were free they just laid there in the grass, relaxing. I just looked at them like, really? Did they just get tired from running around in the car? So after a little while of just resting they started to walk around, run around and come to meet the kids outside who wanted to pet them. The park has so many things to do and the kids were just trying to pat our dogs, it was a great feeling to have those dogs that people want to pet.

When we were leaving, this little boy, who was playing near by, came up to us and said, ” Excuse me, can I pet your dog?”. That is a kid with manners, people just come up and get their attention, which I really don’t mind at all, the kid had very good manners to ask us if he could pet Robin, so we let him pet all four dogs.

A few hours at the park with other dogs after their walk in the morning, really drowned them. They fell asleep in the car, then at home,  so I would say they had a lot of fun, they looked happy. The girls had fun, the boys had fun, they met other dogs, ran around, met people, we had no problems with other dogs so I would call our small trip a success.



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