When my neurologist gave me permission to drive he said nothing about cooking, but I figured if I can drive I can also cook in the oven and the stove instead of the microwave and toaster oven.  I was already, before I had permission, using the stove for small stuff but never had the nerve to use the oven.

When I made pizza I always used the toaster oven, but since I got permission, I was using the oven to heat my Totino’s Cheese Pizza, with the ham I added. This weekend, we couldn’t find Totino’s in the supermarket but we found small pizza crusts to make my own pizza. We got pizza cheese and sauce and we already had ham in the fridge. I didn’t know when I would be brave enough to make pizza by myself, but how bad could it be?

Today I found that it was not bad at all, as a was brave enough to make pizza for lunch. I took the crust, spread the sauce, which smelled so good I thought about taking a spoonful of sauce without pizza. 

After the that came the cheese and of course I used a lot of it. Cheese is a very important ingredient in my menu; and finally ham.

Once I set it all up and the oven was preheated, it went into the oven and it was done in ten minutes. 

Homemade pizza ready in ten minutes, that’s better than delivery and Digiorno. 

After my success making my first pizza, I had my second driving lesson downstairs in the parking lot. This time I knew which one was the brake but I still asked just to make sure; I didn’t want to drive the car into the wall.

This was a long lesson, I drove the car up and down the parking lot twice, which was stressful. I kept mixing up my hands on the steering wheel because I held it so tight my hands went all the way around as I was steering and you’re not supposed to do that, I was reminded tonight.

I didn’t hit anything because I was able to think fast when the car was moving and I was supposed to hit the brakes or when I had to turn the steering wheel to left instead of keep it straight in front of me. Today’s lesson really showed me I need to practice a lot, but Jose was really patient with me and a very good teacher, even though I kind of talk back at him and make excuses. He said I was really good for someone who has not driven in five years and that was great to hear; I was afraid he would say “I’m never getting in the car with you again”, but instead he said “we need to keep practicing.

I am still stressed out about driving, not cooking, but I know I’ll get in soon, at least I hope I do. 


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