It seemed everyone was at the beach in San Juan and probably in the rest of Puerto Rico today; this is very normal on Easter or Semana Santa. In my family we usually spend the whole weekend at the beach in the west, but this year we decided to stay in San Juan because our dogs get car sick and we didn’t want to drive two hours with them throwing up the whole way there.

We wanted to go to the beach here but it was raining the whole week, the one time we went to the beach, we had to cut our visit short because it started to rain. Finally today, the sun came out and it was a beautiful day; it looked like everyone went to the beach today. It’s only minutes away from our house so we packed dogs and everything else we might need (except cheese, we forgot to bring cheese for our sandwiches) and headed to the beach.

It was almost lunch time when we got there and it looked like we weren’t going to be able to get in, but they were still letting cars in; there were still some empty spaces in the parking lot. Once we got everything from the car and set up out spot on the beach, Jose took the girls for a walk. This was a very good idea because one they came back they were very well behaved; they just threw sand everywhere and at everybody when they decided to dig wholes. The sand was no big deal, except when I got it in my eye.

Just keep digging, just keep digging

Every time we take them somewhere we learn more and more about them. Now we know that it’s a good idea to bring food and water for them, not just water.

This time we tried out the new water bottles we ordered for them.

They’re really cool because it’s easy for them to drink water and it doesn’t make a mess.

We didn’t even try to go with them near the water because there were too many people and so far, they don’t seem to like touching water so much, just drinking it. In the end they looked very tired, but I love being able to take them out and enjoy one of my favorite activities and a beautiful day with them.





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