Remembering- Today I celebrate 3 years of getting a second chance

Sitting in my room, in front of the fan because it’s so da… hot, listening to Pandora, and writing. I didn’t imagine I would be doing this, three years ago. I had different plans. I knew I would be writing, I just didn’t think I’d be back home. But you can make all the plans you want, but that doesn’t mean they will come true. What you want and what life will give you are two very different things, you just have to be ready to deal with what life throws at you, like it or not. I never wanted what I went through three years ago, or anything like it, but I got it and I had to deal with it.

I look back at these three years and I never imagined most of what has happened, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t enjoyed it. I have learned a…

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