There is something you can’t have enough of in your life and that’s good friends, those who are always there. I have talked about this before but I’m lucky enough to have more than a few of those. Two of them took me out for my birthday this weekend and it made my birthday even more special that it already was.

We didn’t go to a party or anything, we just had a fun day walking around Old San Juan. I had only been there with friends during the day a few times and none of those times had been with these two. It kind of felt like it was a different San Juan.

We were just remembering San Juan at night, “do you remember when we used to go there”? Yes, I kind of remember, but it was a long time ago and I don’t remember any specific time. We didn’t sit down and talk or go there for any specific reason, but yesterday was for a specific reason, we did sit down, talked about my friends’ future house and laughed, a lot.

It was one of those few special occasions that I go out with my friends and do something out of the ordinary, walking around Old San Juan with friends during the day, as opposed to site seeing with family and it kind of felt like a different San Juan. I think I was looking at it with different eyes because I didn’t feel like I was a tourist which is how I feel when we go site seeing, I felt like I was walking in my house; even though I have never been able to remember the names of the streets in Old San Juan.

Thanks Fransheska and Ricky for the great birthday celebration and I hope we can do this again!



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