Well, after the hurricane we got the power back for 24 hours from Saturday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. When I learned we had power I started doing laundry, turned on every fan in my house, watched Tv, and slept with the air conditioner on. Twenty four hours later I saw the fan in my room slowly stop moving; this meant only one thing, power was out again. 

I was angry, we had it for 24 hours and it was gone again, we were going to have tacos for lunch on Sunday but had no way to make tacos anymore. Instead of eating tacos I had a can of cold salchichas, the official hurricane meal of Puerto Rico, half a bag of chips and Diet Coke. 

When it didn’t return after hours of waiting we did the only thing we could do, we went back to the “bunker”, a.k.a. my grandparents house, where they have a generator and made tacos there. 

It ended up being a Taco Picnic outside in the backyard where there was more air and breeze than in the house. I really didn’t think I would ever be using the words taco and picnic together while describing my experience after a hurricane but Irma has truly been one of a kind. 

Now, seven days after the hurricane, I still don’t have power. I see more and more people getting it back but for some reason we don’t. Many of the buildings around us have it but for some reason we don’t. 

With the force of that hurricane power outage is a really stupid thing to keep going on about, we could have lost everything but, nothing happened, it’s really, really hot, the wind doesn’t blow, and if everyone around us has power, why don’t we?

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