I got home today after spending a few hours getting lunch and trying to charge my phone thinking my apartment would still be the sauna it was this morning, maybe even more hot. I came in, congratulated my dogs for not braking or destroying ANYTHING and went on to put my purse in my room. After a few minutes I noticed there were lights turned on in my house.

It couldn’t be… I went around the house turning things on and guess what? POWER’S BACK!!! I couldn’t believe it!

First thing I did was go around the apartment and start turning fans on, then I started telling people the news, calling and texting anyone who would care. I even celebrated with Indy and Sandy; they didn’t know why I was so excited but they were happy I was happy.

On my way home I talked to one of the guys who was working on fixing the diesel leak and he told me that there are still so many people without power due to many different things from fallen trees and lamp posts, to people stealing fallen cables. I really hope they fix all those other energy sources and everyone can have their homes, and businesses working again.




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