I have have data, finally!

Ok so it’s been days since I’ve found an internet connection. I’m sitting on the roof of my grandparents’ house and I think I finally got it, probably because it’s 7 am and there don’t seem to be a lot of people blocking the signal.

We’ve been staying with my grandparents because being stuck in the 11th floor all day with two dogs and no water is pretty hard. The generator can’t be on all day in the building to preserve diesel, which is pretty difficult to get right now. People are in line at the gas station and ATM all day and there are only a few places open to eat.

I was so happy yesterday, I had a chocolate Frosty at Wendy’s! That felt like a luxury and we got there right before the line formed. 
I have been trying to look at the bright side and stay positive; we have water, food and a roof over our heads (but the toilets are clogged).

I can’t keep using all the power on my phone so I’ll update you more on our status later (when I can find and internet connection again).


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