TodayI was able to visit the Kennedy Space Center in Florida with my family. The trip was a last minute thing, planned just two days ago when we found out there was a rocket launch today.

After we saw the Space Center during the day a bus took us to the Launch Complex where, along with thousands of people we sat by the Indian River and took our seats as we waited for 6:52. Just before seven we saw the first indications that the rocket was about to launch.

First there was a huge flame burning from the launch area as the shuttle began to ascend. I watched in disbelief, this was real life, I couldn’t believe I was witnessing this. I kept an eye on it as it kept going up into the sky and left behind it a cloud of smoke. Within just a few minutes it was out of sight and I still can’t believe I was there to see that.

This was a once in a life time opportunity and something that I have seen on the and in movies but never thought I would see it live, just across the river from me. It’s one thing seeing a space shuttle or ship launch in the movies or on TV, but it’s truly amazing seeing it live.

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