Today I got the great news that we finally got power back in our apartment in Puerto Rico. Yeah, two long months after hurricane María, my parents can finally go back to sleeping, cooking and eating at home.

I got the news this morning from my mom and I was so happy that they can finally get back to normal. It has been over two months after the hurricane and many people’s lives are still not back to normal or even close to normal. We don’t know if the power is back for good but I’m hoping it is because these have been two difficult months for my parents and all our neighbors.

It’s ridiculous how many people still don’t have anything, how many places are still not even close to being back to normal. Puerto Rico Electrical Power Authority says that the Palo Seco Central, which provides energy from fuel oil won’t produce energy until the end of January. The governor had already made false claims that it would start working earlier this month.

Things are still not looking good for most of Puerto Rico but I’m hoping for the best, thankful for all of those who still have Puerto Rico on their minds.

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