Just like our brain can be damaged, it can also improve and be stronger. There is no time too late to start learning something, this is what makes it possible for people to rehabilitate after strokes or brain injuries or to learn a new language at any age. Everyone can do different things create new neural pathways (neuroplasticity) and new brain cells (neurogenesis) like traveling, reading, exercising, learning a new language, or even sleeping.

After my brain injury I created all those new cells, new pathways and learned how to do so many things again through therapy. Today I still continue to do this by writing (blogging), exercising, reading and even playing with and taking care of my dogs. I try to keep my mind occupied as much as possible and I try to sleep as much as I can.

It’s funny how we all focus on improving things about ourselves or talk about things other people should improve, we just focus on physical things, not the brain which is the most important thing.

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