This morning was my fifth driving class. The class started at the same stadium as in Day 4 except this time there were no cones and we didn’t practice parking; as soon as a took the wheel I went out in the rough streets of Guaynabo. Today I’m saying rough streets seriously because there were a lot of cars and I had to make decisions pretty fast. Making decisions while going around in circles is never a good idea and it made me nervous.

Ever since my accident, making quick decisions has been really hard for me which has been one of my fears and worries about driving. I thought I had conquered this fear but that wasn’t the case today. There were more cars today than on Sunday and they were not relaxed Sunday drivers, they were fierce weekly drivers who I’m guessing were in a hurry. This hurry caused me to invade the other lane while making a u-turn but thankfully there were no cars on the the other lane. I was also going a little bit fast, not because I was in a hurry but as I got nervous my foot just kept pressing the throttle and didn’t think to let go.

Even though I was a little nervous when I started today, I had the chance to drive myself home which meant taking two highways and two highly trafficked  avenues. Surprisingly enough I wasn’t as nervous in the highway or in the avenues as I was in Guaynabo. There is something about those roundabouts that I really don’t like.

I didn’t even know I was driving home today or ready to drive on the highway yet but that’s a good thing, if I knew beforehand I would have been nervous and guessing all my decisions. Once I figured out that I was driving home I was more happy than scared; I figured that if anything happened it would be their fault for not seeing that I am a student driver.

When I got to the first avenue I was more relaxed because it was a lot easier with all the stoplights. What was more stressful about that was the people jaywalking, I felt angry and frustrated, like I do every time I see this, except this time it was my job to be careful. I was extra careful but also angry and wanted to tell them how dangerous jaywalking was, I wanted to tell them not to do that but all I could do was go slower to let them get to the other side safely.

At the end of the class, I got home safe and sound, excited to tell everyone what I had done today. I still can’t believe it, driving in not one, but two highways!



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