As promised earlier today, I want to tell you about my sixth driving class, which took place this morning. 

This class began from the moment the instructor picked me up as he let me take the wheel immediately. This was very exiting for me, although I had been waiting for this since he told me he would let me drive when he picked me up. I drove for about an hour and a half all over San Juan, around some of the areas we went to during my last class, and I felt comfortable.

However, there were other areas where we hadn’t been yet and were a little bit tricky because a lot of traffic lights are not working and the streets are filled with potholes, six months after hurricane María. These are just two of the many unresolved problems that Puerto Rico is still recovering from, but looking on the bright side, this might actually be a good way for me to learn how to deal with difficult situations.  I’m learning how to react to all of these things when I’m driving on my own, not with a driving instructor next to me.

At the end of the class he told me again that I’m a good driver and he thinks I don’t need a few more classes, including the one I have tomorrow. My instructor wants my mother to come along for the ride tomorrow so she can see for herself, not just hear about it. She  already gave me a chance to drive this weekend, but just near my grandparent’s house and hopefully she will see I can drive a little bit more.



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