This summer is going to be fantastic, we are moving and the greatest thing is happening, I’m getting my own apartment, in what used to be the storage room of the house were moving into, but it’s still my own apartment.

Since this has just been used as storage for at least a decade, maybe more, it’s really not habitable right now. Before I even begin to move my stuff in we have to do a few things. First thing was to move all the stored things out, which we spent a whole Saturday doing few weeks ago. There was so much junk in there, some valuables, but mostly junk. There were old DVDs, books, a LOT of papers, pictures, old plates and silverware, clothes, coins, Legos, and a thousand other things. We threw away most of it, but kept the things that matter. We had stored most of our old foto albums from family trips and baby pictures. I obviously wanted to keep those.

Today was day two and I felt like I was in one of those HGTV shows were they fix up  houses, only nobody was filming and we had to do everything ourselves. We also don’t have interior designers but we do have our share of engineers, architects, designers and even a realtor in the family. With all of these talented people I already have the design of my new apartment and the labor team. My parents, brother, and grandpa have all shipped in to the hard and not very enjoyable work.

My grandpa just spent the Saturday before Father’s Day, doing everything he could to help on my new apartment. From polishing the doorknobs, to getting screws out of the walls and filling in the holes with putty, to cleaning the white tiles in my future room. After doing all this and not complaining once, he told us what we were going to do next. He said we’re going to Home Depot on Monday and on Tuesday we’re going back to the house to keep cleaning. He is so motivated to help me with this and I can’t thank him enough, he’s the best. I don’t know what I can say to show him how thankful I am.

I’ve seen those shows on TV but I never thought I would ever be doing anything like it, all I know how to do is move. I had enough practice doing that four different times in college, but I never had to almost re-build the apartment. It’s not really re-building because the walls, floor, roof, plumbing and electric are there. There is a bathroom but need a kitchen it’s like making half an apartment. And after building I need to decorate but I have most of the furniture.

This will take all summer and now I don’t even know if I’ll be able to watch much of the World’s Cup when were getting the apartment ready. The only reason I don’t mind is because I’m getting my own apartment! Six years or even two months ago, I had no idea when I would be able to say those words, even if it’s just steps away from my parent’s house.


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