Today we decided to start off the week by taking it easy, no hard labor in the house, just a pretty long trip to Home Depot. This was a new experience, I had been on long expeditions to Home Depot before, but it was never for me, it was always for someone else when they were moving or fixing their houses.

The trip wasn’t that long because we went with our personal contractor, my grandpa and Home Depot is like a second home to him. He knows the perfect parking spots, near the exit because you walk out, go straight to your car and the places to put the shopping carts are right there. There was no wandering aimlessly around the store looking for anything, we had a list and he just steered the shopping cart to the correct aisles to show us where we could find everything.

I just followed the leader because there really wasn’t anything that required my opinion, except for picking a fan for the living room, some lamps and a few other things. I can’t wait to start decorating but I’ll get the chance soon enough; now we’re focusing on getting the plumbing and electricity fixed.

These is still a long way to go, I think, but every day feels like we’re one step closer.


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