We’re almost halfway into the month of December and I’m really feeling the Christmas spirit. I think this year I feel it more because I’m getting out of my house and going to work every day and I see decorations and hear people talking about it. I even see it in their mood, they’re happy, it’s Christmas time!

And while I thought I was going to struggle finding gifts to give the people I love this year, I’m very happy to say I have that covered; I have everything except some toys for my dogs. Some of them are here in my house and the rest are on their way, they should be here next week. But while I worried about getting the gifts I didn’t think of the scariest part of gift giving, wrapping them!

I’ve been going over it in my head because I don’t know how to wrap presents and I know people who do know make it look easy, but it’s not. How much paper should I use? How do I fold it? Why doesn’t it stick? Does it matter if I accidentally tear a piece?

Last year I wrapped a small present for my aunt’s cat and it was horrible. At least it was a small present and the cat really didn’t know what was happening everybody else knew and this year’s gift for the cat, Lola, is bigger. Actually none of the presents are small.

Maybe I can just get gift bags but it is a lot more fun to unwrap them than just pull them out of a bag. Years ago I couldn’t even get them presents on my own and I’m still nervous they won’t get here on time so wrapping should be the least of my worries. I shouldn’t worry about that until Christmas Eve.




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