Since we’ve been in quarantine I have been cooking more that I usually do, nothing complicated but I am using my kitchen a lot more. I never make anything from scratch, the most complicated thing I make is rice and beans. But since we’re in quarantine I have a lot of time to cook and a lot more need to do it and I was starting to get bored of the hamburgers and chips and chicken strips with rice and beans.

Since there is no rush, I thought this was the perfect time to learn how to make mofongo all by myself. I got the plantains yesterday and made mofongo all by myself today.

My ingredients

After I found a recipe the was pretty simple, I started peeling the plantains, being very careful not to cut my fingers or hand.

Once they were peeled I cut and dried them for about 10 minutes.

About ten minutes later they were ready to smash together with the garlic, and chicharrón (pork grind). I didn’t have chicharrones, just garlic, but it was still good.

I thought it was very difficult to make mofongo but it was actually pretty easy. It just took half an hour and I also made some shrimp, which is also easy but I burned my finger getting out of the oven.

A time I make it I hope I have chicharrones which will make it even better. Then I also want to make mofongo relleno (filled) with something, but I don’t know with what yet. Maybe I can make it with shrimp again or maybe next time I try to make Ropa Vieja (shredded beef).


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