I keep thinking I can’t do this; nobody will read this, but then I see so many other things get published, why can’t I get published? Why can’t I tell my story? I studied writing. I’ve written for newspapers and magazines, of course this was in high school and college but who cares? I got published. People read them, and now I have more to say because I’ve been through a lot in the last few years. People keep asking about it; it gets hard to keep repeating it and I’ve thought about writing it, but then I get scared. I’m scared and I don’t want to keep reliving that. I’ve learned how to live with that but that doesn’t make it easy or fun. I get scared but this is what I want to do. I just want to write, and I’ve been working hard for almost three years to be able to get my life back. I wont keep waiting. I have time, I like to write and I know how to write, this is what I want to do with my life. Why keep waiting when I have the story right here? I may need help remembering some parts, but it’s my story, I’ll write whatever I want and how I remember it. I will write it, and I will publish it. This is my chance to show what I’ve learned, what I can do; and if you think I can be stopped… just sit down and read.

It all started three years ago, a few weeks before graduating college. I thought I had everything. I was graduating, I was coming home and quickly returning to Syracuse University to begin my Graduate Studies in Journalism… except things didn’t go as I planned.

I graduated but I didn’t get to attend my graduation. It wasn’t a big celebration for my family, or me even though they all came to Syracuse. I spent the day in the hospital, just like I had for two weeks, asleep in a comma. I had been in a comma since May 2, when I had to be taken to the hospital in a rush after being run over by a taxi while I was crossing the street. The taxi driver and I were both at fault there because I was jaywalking and he was going a little too fast. But I’m thankful that he stopped and called an ambulance. They immediately took me to Upstate University Hospital, an incredible university hospital that was only a few blocks away. They took incredible care of me. Immediately performed surgery on my cranium, which was more than necessary because I suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury and my cranium was all covered in blood. It had to be aired out. First they removed one side of my cranium, but that didn’t stop all the swelling so they had to operate the other side the next morning. If they hadn’t done this I probably wouldn’t have survived. If I did, I don’t think I would be writing, walking or doing all of the things I am able to do now.

I have to thank a lot of people, and I have to start from the beginning. First of all, the taxi driver, I would like to thank him for stopping and calling for help. I know in accidents like this, it’s very common for drivers who run over a jaywalker to get scared and drive away from the victim. But he did not do that, and is not only one of the reasons why I am able to tell my story today, but it makes me see that there are still good people out there; people who take responsibility for their actions. I would like to thank him for being brave and calling for help.

I would also like to thank Upstate University Hospital in Syracuse, New York. Without their amazing work I don’t know where I’d be today. Everyone at Syracuse University, teachers, friends and professors; not only did you show great care for my family and me but for giving me the opportunity to still achieve my dream, which is to receive my graduate studies from Syracuse University and become a journalist.  I have not been able to begin yet, but I hope I will be able to soon.

After saying all of this I have not forgotten about my family and friends. I love all of them very much and I would also like to thank them for staying with me through everything, helping me, believing in me, and being there for me. I could not ask for more from them. I know I have been hard to handle some times and I am sorry for that, but they have never let me fall or given up on me. They all travelled to be there by my side and I cannot thank them enough. My friends, those near and far, have all been there and now I really know that they will be there, no questions asked.

It’s a shame that I had to go through this to realize how lucky I am, but I’m very thankful every day and every night for everything I have in my life. For the people who were already in my life and those I’ve met along the way, the opportunities I’ve had, and those that are still to come. I don’t know if I knew this before, but I have been blessed. That was not the end of me, but a new beginning. There is still a lot in me that will take me to many places. I have to learn to appreciate it all as it comes and not let great opportunities slip away because all of our lives can change, just as we cross the street.



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