February 2013: Just keep trying and you’ll get there

2013 continued to be a great year for me, filled with non stop improvements and surprises about what I could still do. It makes me really happy to look back at everything and see me improving. I guess this was what it was like for everyone around me. I’m impressed.


Today the therapies went great.



Yesterday I just stayed home. Since I got to puerto rico I don’t think I’ve done that. We’ve been doing stuff every day and that’s good because it has helped me get better fast. And yesterday I still exercised on the bike and talked to my friend who is a few days away from having a baby. And now the baby appears to be coming tomorrow.   I’m very exited for her.

Today I had therapies, which went really well. In my therapies in the pool they taught me how to swim again.



In Float Water Therapy, they helped me loosen my muscles, move, and swim again. They help change people’s lives through something as simple as water. Water helps you heal, it’s a no-impact exercise, and it’s fun. Float helped me heal, they are helping adults and children with different conditions and I am an example that it does work. The link below is in Spanish but I recommend everyone to watch it so you can see the incredible work they do.                                



I’ve been getting a lot better. I have been getting a lot better. I have been exercising from 2 to 3 hours sometimes more in my morning therapies. Then at the pool I’ve been doing 1or 2 hours of exercise and then in the at home I’ve been doing between 1 and like 2 hours in the bicycle. I’ve just been trying really hard because I want to go back to Syracuse this year. That is my main motivation to improve and it has helped a lot. I feel like I have gotten more mature which is good. I now really think about every thing before doing it. Especially because I have improved so much so fast I don’t want to go back to not being able to do a lot of things.

But now I’m just focusing on positive things and just focused on improving.

2/9/ 2013

Today I just stayed home relaxing all day. I woke up at like 10 am. which is kind of a goal for me now because I always wake up early now. I worked out today. I also went to toys are us to get a present for my friend.


I’ve spent the last few days with my right arm hurting. I guess I made a wrong move with it. I’ve been getting massages in I in my therapies, being told to but ice on it for 20 minutes every 40 minutes and got some “crema” to put on it. My therapists told me on Monday that this wouldn’t last long and its day 3 and it is feeling a lot better. It stated hurting on Sunday night and on Monday I didn’t go to therapies but just went for my therapists to look at it. They did say that is would take a few day to get better.

My arm


I’ve spent a few weeks without writing. I’ve just been really busy. But yesterday a bee stung me.   Also my therapists told me I’ve been improving a lot. I’ve been doing things that I couldn’t before. My therapists are impressed.

Again, if I could do this, I believe everyone can. I couldn’t move my arm, now I can lift up to 15 pound weights at the gym. When I started I don’t think I could do 5, but i’ve just kept trying.  It just takes motivation, positive thinking and support from those around you.

If you believe you can, you will.

#dontgiveup #keeptrying #youllgetthere

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