When my friend Susie told me she was starting a blog, a little after I started mine, I got really excited. I told her I would share her blog on my blog, but I forgot. Every time I see her I apologize and say I’m going to write about her blog this week… I always forget. When I saw her yesterday I told myself, ok that’s enough, your next blog post will be about her blog.

I am very proud of her, what she’s doing, and I want to share her story. She wants to loose weight, not to be a model or fit into a size 0; she just want to be healthy, not feel limited by her obesity. She wants to loose weight, but she is doing it by being very healthy. She is exercising, with the help of her husband (Congrats to the couple on their 25th anniversary), who recently got a Personal Trainer Certificate (hence his new name, Zumba Master).   She is also watching what she eats. Like me, she quit soda (actually she quit before I did), so there I have my inspiration not to go back. If Susie can do it, so can I.

She is doing a great job and I’m very proud of her. Read her blog at http://fatsusie8.blogspot.com/


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