There’s that exciting moment during your senior year in high school when you get accepted into a really good school you can’t pay; but it’s ok because you’ll pay it when you graduate in four years. Then those four years go by, and you have to pay those loans. It’s not bad if you have a job or someway to pay them, but when you can’t work, can’t find a job, can’t go to grad school and your family can’t pay for those either, you’re in trouble.

I can’t really explain how I feel every time I get one of those letters or emails, but first I have a little hope they will forgive my loans, then it’s fear when I see they haven’t. I have no idea when I will be able to pay them and the interests just keep going up.

I knew I would have to pay them back when I graduated, but when they told me I thought “That’s ok, I’ll have a job when I graduate”. But I don’t. I got a great education but I haven’t been able to show what I learned, do anything with that education or pay back for it because of the accident.

#piggybank #loans #payback #jobless

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