I handed in my job application.  I’m not scared anymore; now I’m nervous. They told me they’d probably answer next week. I’m happy it will be soon and that they have jobs available, but it’s still scary if they don’t call next week.

I don’t want to get my hopes up because the fact that they will start answering next week does not mean the answer will be yes. They also told me probably next week. What if they don’t call next week? Does that mean I didn’t get it? Does that mean they haven’t decided yet?

Now that I think of it, I am not only nervous, but I am also scared. I’m scared they wont like me or me application. I’m scared I wont show them I have what it takes. I’m scared they will like other applicants better. It’s all very scary. Being scared makes me nervous.

#job #application #scared #pleasecall

And I have something else to say…

After hearing about the man who killed Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe. This whole thing, Killing of animals as a sport, I don’t get it and it’s just wrong.   The dentist, not only paid a ‘professional hunter” $50,000, to take him hunting, but the professional hunter did not know that this animal was part of a study.

I don’t know what grosses me out more. The fact that they killed the innocent lion, the fact that this dentist had $50,000 dollars laying around to pay someone to kill an innocent animal, that his excuse was that he didn’t know the lion was part of a study, that they lured the animal out of the reserve, or that people do this for fun. It’s disgusting and if the tables were turned, if the lion attacked them, the lion would be considered an uncontrollable beast. The lion doesn’t know any better and he kills to eat or if he feels threatened; but the animal did not threaten them; they just thought it was fun.

Cecil the lion

#Cecilthelion #Zimbabwe #JimmyKimmel

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