I just logged into Facebook and saw this  

37 reasons not to visit Puerto Rico

I was a offended by the title. I thought they were really telling people not to visit Puerto Rico.  Who were these horrible people criticizing my home?  I decided to read it and find out what they were saying. As I started reading, I liked it. In the end, I loved it. They were not criticizing, they were being sarcastic and showing and reminding people of all the great things you can find in Puerto Rico and all the beauty our island has to offer.

Now, I want everybody to read it.  I want everybody to know the wonderful island I was born and raised in.  It is not perfect, we have some work to do with our government and other stuff; but it’s damn near perfect, with all it’s beauty, food, parties, and beaches.

I’m not advertising my island or anything, but people should come visit; it’s beautiful. Read the article and you’ll see.

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