Today I went to the mall. I didn’t go shopping. I was looking for a job, and getting some air conditioning. I walked around the mall, asking around different stores if they had job applications to fill out or if I could leave my resume. I filled out a few applications, left my resume in three or four stores, and was told I have to apply online in others.

I keep hearing that there are no jobs. From what I saw today, this is not true, there are jobs but you just have to look for them. I just had to get up, go out, and look for them. Maybe you won’t get your dream job or the job you prepared for in college, but a job is a job. I studied writing; I have not worked in writing, ever, so I have to find a job doing something else. Working at a store is not what all of the loans I owe helps me pay for, but it will help me start paying them back, and get me out of my house.

I think my job search today was pretty successful; I just need to fill out two applications online and two other applications I will hand in next week and just wait to see if they call me. Really I hope they do. It would be great to get called back for one interview, or more. I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but I really want at least one of those stores to be interested in hiring me.

I was so exhausted after this; I had to take a nap. Well… I didn’t have to, but I did. I just fell asleep. It was probably all the thinking I had to do just filling out the applications in the little space they provided, or the walking around the full mall; or both. It was not easy, but at least I did two productive things this morning. I got a great cardio workout, while I looked for a job. I am very proud of myself for not getting distracted by anything I saw in the stores. Well, except the first store, I had already seen that shirt and I really like it, but I have always controlled the impulse to get it by reminding myself, you can’t afford it.

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