Third interview and I think I was more nervous than the other two before. Why? Well I kind of knew what to expect, I still didn’t know if I said what they wanted to hear. I thought it would be good to know what they were going to ask, but it wasn’t. It just made me more nervous, and the fact that they were similar questions and I didn’t hear back from the other two makes me think I wont hear back from them either.

I got there early; I sat and looked around the store. The decorations are very entertaining so I thought this could help me keep my mind off the nerves, but it didn’t. Then they called me for the interview. They were two very nice people, I spoke, but not too much; I didn’t want to speak too much and make a mistake.

Like last time, I have been nervous all day. Did it go well? Was it what they were looking for? Will they call me? All the same feelings, but this is my third interview, I don’t know how many more I can take; and I want a job!

I ask for advice and people tell me; don’t worry, I’m sure you did fine, if it’s meant to be, it will be; stuff like that. I like that they give me advice, but it doesn’t help me change how I feel. I listen but it still drives me crazy. I can’t help feeling anxious, nervous or scared. Waiting for an answer is worse than waiting for the interview.


2 thoughts on “Third Interview: Before and After

  1. hola Kiki!
    No tienes control de lo que van hacer otras personas, en estè caso los que te entrevistaron pero si puedes tomar control de tu reaccion. Si ya pasaste lista de todo lo que tenias que hacer y decir y ya todo està dicho y hecho SUELTALO!!! Distraerte es la mejor opcion. Fortalezer la confianza y seguridad en ti misma es bien imortante para que así te persivan. No tengo duda que vas a desenvolverte muy bien y que alcanzaras el exito anhelado. Dios te llevarà de SU mano… Confía!!! DTB❤️😝
    Con cariño y mis respetos
    Lourdes Hernandez🌼

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