When you’re alone and the elevator stops

Earlier today I got in the elevator for like the millionth time today to go back up to the offices. I was all alone in the elevator, we can only ride the elevator one person at a time now because of the Coronavirus, so I was all alone when suddenly the elevator stopped. What? I … Continue reading When you’re alone and the elevator stops


“My first memory”

I was trying to do some cleaning today in my room, trying to get rid of some of the junk I didn't throw away when we moved, when I found something that immediately caught my attention. I was fascinated when I found some of the essays and stories I wrote in college . I thought … Continue reading “My first memory”

Driving lessons- Day 1

Good news, my first official driving lesson was a success! The driving instructor was not scared by my driving, he actually said I did pretty well and I had no accidents. There I was again, sitting in a car with a bumper sticker that said student driver but it was my first real attempt to … Continue reading Driving lessons- Day 1

Is it over?

For the first time in my life I have been paying attention to the elections. I'm paying attention to the governor candidates in Puerto Rico and I can't help but pay attention to the presidential candidates in the states; and I'm sick of it.  I just want this to be over. I want it to … Continue reading Is it over?

Job hunting again

So here I am, looking for a job again. I'm not unemployed yet, but my boss told me last week that my internship will come to an end soon. I'm still not sure when it ends exactly, but I don't want to go back into the world without a job after having one for 8 … Continue reading Job hunting again

My support group

A very important part in my rehabilitation has been the large support group I have, from my family and friends, to friends of friends. There has always been someone there to help, from getting a job, a doctor, or medicine, to just talking. I will not forget all those people who have been there to … Continue reading My support group

That time I missed a dose

I've been really good about taking my medicine on time, sometimes I'm a little too strict about that. If it's 8 pm, it's 8 pm, not a minute sooner, and I never forget. I complain when my mom keeps checking up on me, asking if I took my medicines, because she knows I'm even more … Continue reading That time I missed a dose

Third Interview: Before and After

Third interview and I think I was more nervous than the other two before. Why? Well I kind of knew what to expect, I still didn’t know if I said what they wanted to hear. I thought it would be good to know what they were going to ask, but it wasn’t. It just made … Continue reading Third Interview: Before and After

I can’t believe it, another one!

Yesterday I got a call from the first job I applied to, calling me for an interview tomorrow morning.  This is unbelievable. I have had three interview in my search for a jog.  Three interviews! I applied for more than three jobs, but I was hoping I would be called back from at least one. … Continue reading I can’t believe it, another one!