When that photo was taken, 3 years ago, my family says I weighed like 90 pounds. I am skinny, but I never thought I would get that skinny. I had never looked like that. That was and is not me.

My mom still gets sad when she just thinks about this. I got that way after being fed through tubes for more than a month. When I could eat, it took forever.

My mother still gets really sad when she thinks about it, or sees pictures. When I showed her this one, she asked if I remember this. I do remember a little. I know we were at an aquarium. I remember when they took this picture and I know my brother, my cousins, my aunt and my mom were there. That’s pretty much it.

I look at now and it’s shocking to see me like that. I’m not sad because I overcame that. I started eating again and got back to a normal, healthy weight. But I don’t want to look that helpless and malnourished again.

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