Tired, really tired

I took a break from going to the gym for two weeks, it was only supposed to be one, for my vacation to Disney World, but it ended up being two weeks. My parents got sick the week before, I didn’t want to ask them to drive me there while they were sick, and I … Continue reading Tired, really tired


Icing on the cake

I am very happy to say I'm going on vacation for a week with my family tomorrow. If I wasn't excited already, I got a call today for an interview. This interview is for an internship in an Ad Agency. I applied earlier this week and I didn't think I would be called this fast, … Continue reading Icing on the cake

For me, nothing is impossible

Only a few months after I got to Puerto Rico after my TBI, a journalist came to see my therapies one day. She witnessed what my day in therapy was like, talking to me, my mom, and my therapists. This was my first chance to share my story with the world, or at least the … Continue reading For me, nothing is impossible

We’re growing

With the help of my friend Susie, who told me all the steps I should to start taking to make Unstoppable Maria even more unstoppable, I woke up early this morning with all the energy to begin doing this. I plan to take Unstoppable Maria, which began as a small blog on Word Press, to the … Continue reading We’re growing

I think I have the idea

This morning I just started to write what ever came to mind, and it started to sound good. I think I got a good start for a book, or at least an idea. I'm not sure where this will end, because as I write more ideas keep coming up and it all keeps changing, but … Continue reading I think I have the idea

Are you kidding me?

After I proved to myself I could work out with a lot of people around me, I went to the gym at probably it's busiest time of the day, 7 p.m. Not only was it busy, but it closed in 2 hours, at 9, so I rushed through the routine, one exercise after the other … Continue reading Are you kidding me?

Sending more job applications

Today I was going to send out job applications, again, but I only sent one. I have a list of places to send my resume and cover letter just hoping they will have something for me. But this process is not easy and does not get easier. I have a new cover letter talking about … Continue reading Sending more job applications

Thank you to all my readers

Yesterday I was doubting myself. I didn't think I would write about my grades on my blog. I have never been one to share my grades with people, but then writing about it was the only way I could put my feelings of disappointment into coherent words, and get it all out. Every time I … Continue reading Thank you to all my readers

Good bye 2015

Ten months ago I decided I wanted people to read what I was writing, so I started a blog. I thought I would only write a few times a month, and just so people close to me could read it, I didn't think anyone else would be interested. But people were interested, so I kept … Continue reading Good bye 2015

Merry Christmas/ Feliz Navidad

First, I want to take tonight's blog to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. I hope you got to spend time with those friends and family that are near as well as those who are not; even if it was just via a phone call or text message. Wherever you are, I hope you all had … Continue reading Merry Christmas/ Feliz Navidad

Better posture = better mood

I think we have all noticed that everyday people are spending more time looking at their mobile devices than at other people, or the world around them. If you haven’t, it’s probably because you have been looking at your phone. This not only takes you away from he real world, the world around you, but … Continue reading Better posture = better mood

This doesn’t change us

People have different ideas of what epilepsy is and how you control it or how to control a seizure. The truth is, you can't control someone having a seizure, and you shouldn't try. But there are different types of epilepsy, and different kinds of seizures. There are some you don't notice, the are the one's … Continue reading This doesn’t change us

“Everything was impossible until somebody did it”

I heard that a few minutes ago in a very inspiring TED talk. I had trouble concentrating on what he said after that, I just kept thinking about it, and he's right. Everyone thought everything was impossible until somebody did it, it's as simple as that. We can all apply it to our own life … Continue reading “Everything was impossible until somebody did it”