Airstrikes Hospital in Afghanistan

Why are you doing this again? Why?Mind your own business! And bombing a hospital? Was that really necessary?
I understand helping others, but that is none of your business.

Cry and cry about the tragedy that was September 11, but then you bomb a hospital.  It doesn’t matter to you because it’s not your hospital.

I just woke up, I want to read some news, find out what’s going on and this is the first thing I see.  Then I see more news about the shooting in Oregon that killed nine people and injured seven in a college classroom

Shooting in Oregon

Instead of teaching children so much negativity, teach them to be happy, to be good to others,focus on getting them a good education, good hospitals, helping the poor.  This makes me very sad and worried that this is the world we live in.

People don’t wan’t the first thing they read in the morning, to be this.

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