As I wrote in another post, InStyle magazine partnered up with I am that girl and have a column in every issue of their magazine. I am that girl is a non-profit organization that works with issues affecting girl’s self-esteem. In the last two months, this column has talked to two strong women, Mindy Kaling and Shonda Rhimes. Mindy is a writer and an actress, appearing in many shows and movies. She was a writer as well as one of the main characters in The Office and is a writer and main character in The Mindy Project. Shonda is the creator and writer of Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy. She has also been director and producer of other shows.

the mindy project scandal

Shonda says in her interview that she was shy as a kid. Mindy says that she is not where the rest of her friends are. I saw myself in both of them when they said that. I don’t have to be where all my friends or people my age are right now. Neither of them seems like they were where everybody else was, but now they are were a lot of people want to be.

I was very impressed by both of these columns because these two women are strong and successful writers. Reading about these two writers really inspires me and shows me that I can be that writer.

“The only limit to your success is your own imagination”- Shonda Rhimes

Watch out because I have a lot of imagination.


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